Seems ReadWrite’s Richard MacManus has a take on web apps and health systems. It’s a positive/negative statement that those who brush up with health systems can relate only to well.

Yes, yes, yes (enthusiasm building), yes, ohh (seeds of doubt creeping in, distrust blooming)….. OK (we need to gather evidence around this area), hmmmmm!

The evidence-based approach to medicine is great and absolutely necessary to honor the “first do no harm” doctrine. But other administration areas that are required to maintain medicine and healthcare are as resistant to any efficiency changes as anything I have seen. An example – The act of networking and centralizing surgical video is a vast and convoluted undertaking with all stakeholders undermining one another to protect their areas.

Clay Shirky’s book – Here Comes Everybody – has been a great read so far around groups and organization. It clearly illustrates costs to organizing groups and the reduction associated with new web technologies. Are there any more bureaucratic, slow to change, jargonistic fields than healthcare (law, religion) ripe for these web technologies, first on the fringe, then right to the core of health and medicine services?

Sadly Richard, perhaps one year of red tape is optimistic! Where are the Influentials to charismatically push health into the 2.0 era?