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First the Links

  • Apple iPhone and Unbound Medicine hook-up
  • This is interesting because it lead to the health webification of consumer gadgets
  • Business Opportunities for the cut-price Provider
  • Uninsured numbers could be an indication that pricing of insurance premiums are out of whack with a large portion of regular Americans. It could be viewed that the pricing model is worng and an enterprising person my be able to take advantage to deliver cut-price services to this increasingly “untouchable” population
  • NY Times Tele-Doctor initiative in Hawaii, also here, here
  • To what extent can services be delivered across the web. Some players are going to try and they should be applauded for their initiative and innovation. Should this prove successful, they should also be applauded for their graft and dedication to their ideas.

And now for the Kitchen Sink

  • The Cultural Movement – Think Coronation Street
  • The wart-and-all approach. I wanted to view the modern day situation through
  • The Art – here, here
  • The Movie won awardsNot this one though
  • I really wanted to promote the New Zealand Film Commision. Some amazing film is produced under the auspicies and with the assistance of the NZFC. Big-ups.

The Kitchen Sink mentality may be a good topic to explore in relation to the financial meltdown and current economic perils.

In fact, I’ll do just that.


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