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Following Mashall Kirkpatricks lead

My dog Lily got a good walk today. My podcast selection consisted of:

  • Adaptive Path – Semantic Technologies (44:08)
  • eHealth Trends, Manhattan Research – Twitter for Health (5:46)
  • eHealth Trends, Manhattan Research – Future of PHR (6:30)
  • The Web2.0 Show – Jeff Barr, Amazon Web Service (27:35)
  • NPR Live Concerts – Wilco Sampler (17:30)

That’s pretty far alright – Right round the park, up past the creek, through the school rugby field (twice). In fact it’s farther than her usual route which is approximately:

  • Entrepreneurial Though Leaders – Choosing The Entrepreneurial Path, Reid Hoffman (1:03:19)
  • iinovate – Chip Heath, Author of Made To Stick (14:38)

You can’t really imagine what goes on in the old grey matter when you blend all that together with walking/jogging. Its a great way to squash a whole bunch of ideas into each other. There is so much going on in the health2.0 scene at the mo… and simultaneously trying to keep up with TechCrunch + Gizmodo + ReadWrite + Church of the Customer + O’Reilly Radar + Feld Thoughts.

My solution: Walking the dog and Driving the car… this really helps suck in the necessary info and ignite the bloody great blast furnace.

Oh, and I prefer the Aerosmith version…


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